PEC Accreditation Team Visits International Islamic University Islamabad

Islamabad: A delegation from the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), led by Prof. Dr. Abdul Satar Shakir, visited the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) to conduct an accreditation assessment of its engineering programs. The visit aimed to evaluate the programs’ adherence to academic standards and industry relevance.

According to International Islamic University Islamabad, the team, which included PEC Lahore’s Umer Ejaz and IIUI’s Vice President of Administration and Finance Dr. Abdul Raheman, met with IIUI President Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi. The discussions focused on the sustainability of the engineering programs and the university’s efforts to maintain high standards in line with PEC’s requirements. Dr. Satar commended the faculty’s efforts and recognized the potential for excellence within the Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET).

The meeting also covered IIUI’s strategic plans, including its initiatives to strengthen academia-industry linkages, which Dr. Alotaibi highlighted as a priority for enhancing educational outcomes and meeting PEC standards. Additionally, Dr. Khan Zeb Jadoon, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, provided insights into the alumni network and the faculty’s industry connections, emphasizing the progress made in fostering relationships that benefit both students and the broader engineering community.