Pasban Democratic Party Calls for Accountability on Loan Waivers to Address Economic Crisis

Islamabad: The Pasban Democratic Party (PDP) has demanded that the government take decisive action against individuals who have received loan waivers, asserting that such measures are essential to alleviate the country’s economic distress.

According to Pasban Democratic Party, the party’s General Secretary, Iqbal Hashmi, emphasized the necessity of transparency and strict accountability for those involved in loan mismanagement. He argued that the waiver of debts has perpetuated corruption and worsened the economic plight of Pakistan’s citizens.

Hashmi criticized the practice of accumulating foreign loans under the guise of national interest, which he claims has burdened every Pakistani with significant debt. He called on Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif to implement bold reforms to escape the cycle of dependency on organizations like the IMF. Hashmi proposed that those who have misused public funds should face legal consequences, their assets liquidated, and the recovered funds redirected to the state treasury. He expressed that such steps are crucial for lifting the populace out of poverty, curbing inflation, and reducing unemployment, which he attributes to the current governance’s mismanagement of loans and public resources.