Muharram Congregations Continue in Rawalpindi, TNFJ Calls for Unhindered Observance

Rawalpindi: During the month of Muharram, various Imam Bargahs and Azakhans in Rawalpindi hosted congregations to honor the sacrifices of Hazrat Hussain (AS) and his 72 companions. The series of gatherings emphasized the enduring spiritual and moral teachings of Islam, articulated through the lives of the Prophet Muhammad and his family.

According to Tehreek Nafaze Fiqhe Jafariya, Allama Agha Syed Hussain Makdisi, while speaking at the Central Imam Bargah in Sector B17, underscored the Quran as a beacon of guidance, its teachings perpetuated through the exemplary sacrifices of Islamic leaders across generations.

Allama Makdisi urged attendees to observe mourning codes set by TNFJ and the government, calling on the authorities to support the processions and gatherings by reducing bureaucratic impediments. Furthermore, Khatiba Aal Nabi Sayyida bint Ali Musawi highlighted the unmatched loyalty of Imam Hussain’s companions during a meeting for women organized by Anjuman Ghulaman Abu Talib (A.S.). She portrayed their sacrifices as a testament to the strength of Islamic principles.

The gatherings also addressed contemporary challenges facing the religious community, including government restrictions on religious gatherings. Resolutions passed during these meetings condemned these limitations and called for greater cooperation with the TNFJ Muharram Committee to ensure respectful and unhindered commemorations. The community resolved to counter any threats to their religious practices and national stability, advocating for a dedicated control room within the Federal Ministry of Interior to coordinate with the TNFJ Muharram Committee.