MUET Students Shine in Huawei ICT Skill Competition 2022-2023 Global Final

Jamshoro, June 02, 2023 (PPI-OT): In a remarkable display of talent and skill, students from the Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) have secured the prestigious second prize in the Huawei ICT Skill Competition 2022-2023 Global Final. The exhilarating competition, which took place from May 24th to 28th, 2023 in Shenzhen, China, attracted over 120,000 students from more than 2,000 universities worldwide, resulting in 146 teams making it to the final round. We wholeheartedly congratulate Muhammad Faeez, Asad Anwar, and Maryam from the Department of Telecommunication at MUET for their exceptional achievement in the Huawei ICT Skill Competition. Guided by their dedicated instructor, Dr. Faheem Yar Khuhawar, these talented individuals showcased remarkable skills that have not only brought immense pride to their institution but also to our entire nation.

Their extraordinary performance in the competition has established an impressive streak of consecutive victories, spanning the last four competitions. Their consistent excellence is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and the remarkable talent they possess. We are filled with immense pride as we celebrate their outstanding achievement, recognizing the significant impact they have made on their institution and country.

The Huawei ICT Skill Competition is renowned for its rigorous challenges, testing participants’ abilities in various tracks, including network, computing, cloud, innovation, and industry. MUET’s exemplary performance in the competition highlights the university’s commitment to nurturing and developing exceptional talent in the field of telecommunication engineering. Securing the second prize in a highly competitive global arena is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the MUET students. Their success reflects the academic excellence and relentless pursuit of knowledge instilled by the university, making them worthy ambassadors for their country.

We applaud the MUET students for their exceptional achievement, as well as their commitment to continuous learning and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Their success in the Huawei ICT Skill Competition serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and showcases the immense potential that Pakistani students possess in the field of technology. Once again, we congratulate Muhammad Faeez, Asad Anwar, Maryam, and their instructor Dr. Faheem Yar Khuhawar for their extraordinary accomplishment. They have not only made their university and country proud but have also set a shining example for future generations of students.

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