HomeNet Pakistan Marks Home-Based Worker Day with Emphasis on Women’s Empowerment and Resilience

Karachi, HomeNet Pakistan (HNP) celebrated International Home-Based Worker Day, shedding light on the increasing number of individuals embracing remote work while juggling household responsibilities. The day was particularly significant in highlighting the resilience and empowerment of women in the home-based workforce, as they remain at the forefront of the ongoing shift in the global work landscape.

According to a news release by HomeNet Pakistan, the recognition of home-based workers, particularly women, comes at a time when there is a notable surge in the remote workforce. Women have showcased exceptional adaptability, seamlessly integrating work into their home life, and portraying strong multitasking skills. This day serves as an acknowledgment of their dedication and the remarkable equilibrium they maintain between professional and personal responsibilities.

In line with the celebration, HomeNet Pakistan organized various activities, promoting the “CHARTER OF DEMAND,” which emphasizes the legal rights and protections home-based workers are entitled to. Awareness sessions on occupational health, safety practices, and potential work hazards were also part of the event, ensuring that these workers are equipped with the knowledge to maintain a safe working environment.

Emphasizing the increasing independence, assertiveness, and determination of women in pursuing and often creating opportunities for themselves, HNP has been instrumental in empowering workers across sectors since its foundation in 2005. They have actively engaged thousands of women throughout Pakistan in training and sensitization programs to bolster their professional capacities.

The day’s events brimmed with enthusiasm, featuring various games and activities aimed at fostering happiness and unity among the home-based workers. Expressing their concerns and demands, participants showcased banners and charts, highlighting issues such as violence against women, both domestically and professionally. In a nod to environmental conservation, a plantation activity was also organized, distributing plants among workers, underscoring the significance of incorporating green spaces in their communities.

HomeNet Pakistan reiterated its unwavering commitment to uplifting and championing the cause of home-based workers, especially women. The organization envisions an inclusive and equal working landscape and will persistently work towards this goal.